Cub Scouts Save the World
June 4-8, 2018

Cost $70.00 for adventures in conservation!
Let's learn how best the earth works, to preserve its remaining resources
and stay healthy for all earthlings.
We have started saving the world!

THEME:  Cub Scouts Save the World

Dates:  June 4-8, 2018

Location:  St. Paul UMC & other adventurous places

Cost:  $70.00*
*$10.00 will be deducted when a parent volunteers for any one day. 


Daily Arrival - 8:00 AM  with Flags at 8:15 AM
Pick-up - by 4:00 PM
WITH SIGN-IN & SIGN-OUT every day! 

Stay tuned for what we have planned.....


Den Chief Training 5-7 PM
Set-Up 7-8PM

VT Hahn Gardens
VT Herbarium
Blacksburg Aquatic Center

Ridgewood Pool
Thunder Safety

Recycle Center

Frog Pond

Izaak Walton Park
w/fishing, archery,& exploring

Green Valley Water Park
Mill Mountain Zoo
**Arrive at 7:45 AM for a quick departure!**


Day Camp Blog

Day 4 - While the Earth may be covered in 3/4ths water, fresh water is a precious resource that needs great care.  Cubs learned the water cycle and  some completed a water droplet collage. Thanks to the Izaak Walton League of Montgomery County for allowing Day Campers to use their facility!  We met with Conservation Officers who taught us which bugs are indicators of healthy or sick water in ponds, lakes and streams.  Cubs were able to see and even capture live specimans for closer examination.  Then, we went fishing and got to experience archery.  We had lunch and art time in a nice pravillon.  Back at St. Paul UMC, a water battle was held before the camp's last flag ceremony. 

Day 3- D-Day, in rememberenc fo the 1946 invasion as well as "dirt" day.  Cubs learned the layers of the Earth and soil before traveling by church bus to Montgomery County Waste Authority, through the trash transfer station, around the landfill to see leech treatment center, water meter stations, air vents and methane burning wicks.   We all learned the importance of recycle, reduce and reuse.  Cub need to teach parents how to recycle and use the available resources and be educated in recent changes.  Lunch was eaten at the Frog Pond playground with some swing time before swim time in the Frog Pond.  We ate "dirt" for a snack and learned what to compost to make healthy dirt.

Day 2 - After flags,  the Cubs participated in breathing exercises to fully appreicate the clean air.  We learned about the layers of atmopshere and used m&ms to figure out what gases are in the air.  Then, we made our very own cloud with hot water and ice then with shaving cream.  We crafted pinwheels!  Ridgewood was a warm pool and the nearby playground was fun!   We played an ecology game outside to catagorize water, air and soil living and impacts.  We learned how air pollution is created and ways to be safe during thunderstorms.  After juicy, sticky watermelon, Cubs and plants were watered!

Day 1 - When leaders yell "Cub Scouts", the Cubs reply "Save the World".  Today was all about plants!  We learned the parts of plants and trees.  We learned of specimans stored by the VT Herbarium since 1879 and made our own speciman record card.  Off to the VT Duck Pond for a small hike and visit with the ducks.  The tour of the Hahn Gardens really explained the importance of plants on our environment.  Lunch and playtime at Hand-in-Hand before swim time at the Blacksburg Aquatic Center.  Cubs planted 60+ plants outside the Activity Building.  We also created "plant monsters" which need water at home to grow "hairy"


This Day Camps is organized full of creative and educational experiences, using natural surroundings to contribute to the physical, mental and social growth of Pack 145 Cub Scouts!  Planning is still occurring but might include

Where we are going!
Blacksburg Aquatic Center
Frog Pond
Zoo Visit
Recycle Center
VT Herbarium
and more!


What to bring/wear each day?
1) Your day camp t-shirt labeled with name.
2) Closed-toed shoes with socks.
3) Your bathing suit - go ahead and wear it all day!
5) Water bottle to drink from and refill often.
6) Healthy lunch with fresh fruits, low sugar items, etc. in a cooler or pack that can contain a ice pack
7) A knapsack to carry a towel and other items from station to station then home again.
8) Shady hat and sunglasses
9) Sunscreen applied before camp and a non-aerosol container for re-application often through the day and 20-minutes before swim time.
10) NO electronic devices or any toys;  these need to stay home.
11) Any medications in a plastic bag, original container and with name labeled.
12) DO YOUR BEST ATTITUDE will guarantee fun at every turn!
13) Bus safety is extremely important.
14) Please sign in/out your Cub Scout everyday.
15) NEW - If Cub is a weak/non-swimmer, please bring a lifejacket to wear on pool visits Tuesday-Friday. If need one, please let Camp Director know ASAP.  

Jug Garden
Monster Heads
Air Quality Jars
Earth Layers

Air M&Ms
Make a Cloud
Woodsey's Woods
Compost Do's & Don'ts