This year...Pokemon Go NOVA
June 5-9, 2017

Cost $40.00 for adventures in STEM!  Let's learn orienteering skills to find natural surrounding and communty resources to help Cub Scouts earn a special Cub Scout NOVA award.

THEME:  Pokemon Go NOVA

Dates:  June 5-9, 2017

Location:  St. Paul UMC & other adventurous places

Cost:  $40.00 

Daily Arrival - 8:00 AM  with Flags at 8:15 AM
Pick-up - by 4:00 PM except for Friday.

An extra Webelos Campout is available on Friday, June 10th.

Stay tuned for what we have planned.....

Set-Up 7-8PM

Compass & Orienteering Skills
Pokemon Search
Visit to Fire Station
Fire Truck Wet-Down

Swim Skills Check at Ridgewood
Ride to the Planets 

National Weather Balloon
Splash Down at BAC
Food Chain
Virginia Tech

Egg Drop
Swimmer Sliding at CAC
Depot Street Park & Crab Creek Visit
Water Systems

Raingutter Regatta
Wild Birds
Secret Missions
Endangered vs Invasive Animals
Frog Pond
5:00 PM Hamburger Picnic
6:00 PM Webelos Campout Begins


This Day Camps is organized full of creative and educational experiences, using natural surroundings to contribute to the physical, mental and social growth of Pack 145 Cub Scouts! 

Where we are going!
Blacksburg Aquatic Center
Christainsburg Aquatic Center
Frog Pond
Fire Station
Weather Station
Depot Street Playground
VT GeoSciences Museum
RU Planetarium
National Weather Service 
and more!


What to bring/wear each day?
1) Your day camp t-shirt labeled with name.
2) Closed-toed shoes with socks
3) Your bathing suit - go ahead and wear it all day!
5) Water bottle to drink from and refill often
6) Healthy lunch with fresh fruits, low sugar items, etc. in a cooler or pack that can contain a ice pack
7) A knapsack to carry a towel and other items from station to station then home again
8) Shady hat and sunglasses
9) Sunscreen applied before camp and a non-areosol container for re-application often through the day and 20-minutes before swim time.
10) NO electronic devices or any toys;  these need to stay home.
11) Any medications in a plastic bag, original container and with name labeled.
12) DO YOUR BEST ATTITUDE will guarentee fun at every turn!
13) Please sign in/out your Cub Scout everyday. 
14) By Wednesday, be sure to note how many are attending our Friday evening dinner and campfire.





Day Five - Webelos 2s did an excellent job of the opening and closing flag ceremony! "Hut, 2, 3, 4" and some "Left, left, left, right, left", Cub Scout got marching to some military training. The Den Chiefs build a challenging obstacle course for Cub Scout to try their best and then try again with their very best.   Soldiers from the VA National Guard and the Army Recruitment Christiansburg Station visited and provided insight into all the training that soldiers must have to do their duty and be safe.  Cub and Boy Scouts were able to try on or touch Army equipment.  Then, we shared ice cream sandwiches with the soldiers.
After patriotic tie-dying shirts, an ocean-in-the-bottle craft and lunch, we visited the Meadows Swim Club.  Upon return to St. Paul, Cub Scouts warmed up in sun while eating cool watermelon before "Grenade Training."  First, Cubs Scout threw sponges of paint to make Army Combat Uniform-like pattern then water balloons!
Sadly, Pack 145 held its last closing ceremony to offically end the week long wonderful day camp.  We celebrated with a hamburger dinner with our families!
Webelos 1s and 2s stayed behind to campout with pitching of tents, making of the campfire, s'mores and telling ghost stories.  A hearty pancake breakfast was served on Saturday morning and before the tents and fire were safely managed. 

Day Four - The Webelos 1s performed the opening ceremony with expertise!  The Cub Scouts and Den Chiefs hiked down Main Street to the waves of passers-by. Our destination?  the brand new Montgomery County Sheriff's Department.  We read the names of fallen heros on a monument.  We learned the history of the Eagle statute that sat on top of the very old courthouse.  Day Campers began law enforcement cadets after meeting Deputy Lucas.  We went through high security to enter and meet the men and women who do many jobs to protect us.  We saw investigations, interview rooms, armory where micorobes clean weapons, evidence lockers, meeting rooms and offices for the officers.  Cub Scouts learned about the vehicles Deputies drive and uniforms worns to protect them. The Sheriff Partin met and talked with us!  By the end of the tour, Day Campers were deputized by Deputy Lucas!

We rode the bus to the National Forest Ranger Eastern Divide District Station in Blacksburg to learn about the 8 different jobs of park rangers.  One job is to take care of the wildlife, especially endangered kinds.  Law enforcement is need to make sure usage is safe and lawful.  Recreation Rangers make sure we hav fun places to go.  The motto Leave No Trace has greater importance now.
We made our own Ranger vest and binoculars as well as a huge police badge.  With the help of our Den Chiefs, Cub Scouts learned to use a slingshot and to be safe while playing "Listen to the Police Officer" game.
The day ended with a dip and slide into the Christiansburg Aquatic Center. 

Day Three - The Bear Cub Scouts were in charge of the opening/closing ceremony.  Cub Scouts were given a motivational speech using the Scout Law... use kind words, be courteous when listening to our special speakers, show obedience by not doing what an adult asks you without whining, excuses, deals, or hissy-fits, be brave and try something new and different even when scared because Scout are trustworthy of the leaders who arrange safe and fun....especially the horseback riding at Walnut Springs Stables.  Cubs learned about grooming horses, cleaning out their shoes, mucking out stalls, hauling hay, refilling water buckets, bathing horses, and riding!  ALL are Cub Scouts did ALL those jobs!  (Day Camp did have one Cub Scout who learned that he was very allergic, at the same time brave while all itchy.  Pack 145 has promised him a merry-go-ride to make up the missed ride time.) Thank you to WSS owner, Heather Flynn, for her staff and family for hosting this training event!
After a picnic lunch at Tom's Creek Park, Cub Scouts were taught by experienced Boy Scouts about pool rules and "Reach, throw, but don't go" rescues in the Blacksburg Aquatic Center.   Plenty of fun free time swimming was left after the lifeguard training!
Snack time was at the nearby Hand-in-Hand Park then Cub Scout practiced search & rescue skills to find "lost" Boy Scouts.   More free time on the playground before a return trip back to Training Academy Base at St. Paul UMC.

Day Two - Our Boy Scouts lead the opening/closing ceremony on Day One. Today, they taught the Wolf Cubs to do the same patriotic duty.   Fire Training began with a walk to the Christiansburg Fire Station.  LT Yopp gave us a tour of station.  He told us that one of the ladder trucks was on a call to rescue a small boy who chased a squirrel up a tree, climbed 40 ft high and got too scared to come down with the squirrel started to chase him!  Cub Scouts had a good refresher course of fire safety.   Crafts taught us about fire extinquishers and reasons not to touch or play with fire.   Cub received training in stop-drop-cover face-and roll, bucket brigade, and crawling through smoke (i.e. a parachute).  All that hot training received a spray down of water by a Fire Truck!

Day One of Training Academy -  Rescue Training means learning about first aid and the supplies needed for a first aid kit.  Cubs Scouts built their own first aid kit and put the neccessary items to help in an emergency.  Games such as Hospital Tag and Band-Aid Tag taught Cubs to get help quick!  Cubs walked to the Christiansburg Rescue Squad by way of the Amory Playground.  After playing at the park and seeing all the police cars in pursuit of a suspect to a nearby Depot Street Park, we saw an ambulance race to the scene to provide medical assistance.  JR CPT Toby and his friend, Becca, gave us a tour of the Rescue Squad.  Cubs saw the facilities where a hybrid (paid and volunteer) staff wait, sleep, study and eat to be alert for any 911 calls needing their response.  In the afternoon, we went swimming at the Frog Pond!  A great first day with Cub Scouts, Boy Scout Den Chiefs and Adult Volunteers!